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#716 Pilgrim BOY Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#717 Pilgrim GIRL Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#712  Summer Kitty Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#706  "Girl Elf Porch Greeter" (PATTERN)

#705 "Boy Elf Porch Greeter"  (PATTERN)

#703 "Christmas Ginger Porch Greeter"  (PATTERN)

#689 Spring Angel Porch Greeter (PATTERN)
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#688  Easter Bunny Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#634 Witch Porch Greeter  (PATTERN)

#633  Snowman Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#632  Santa Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#631 Scarecrow Porch Greeter (PATTERN)

#630 Uncle Sam Porch Greeter (PATTERN)