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#617  Witchy Candle Box (PATTERN)

Witchy Candle Box (WOOD)

#618  Santa Candle Box (PATTERN)

#618 Santa Candle Box (WOOD)

#615  Wintry Planter Boxes (PATTERN)

Wintry Planter Box (SNOWMAN WOOD)

Wintry Planter Box (PENGUIN WOOD)

#616  No Humbugs Santa (PATTERN)

No Humbugs Santa (WOOD)

2.75" Rusty Tin Jingle Bell

2.75" Red Tin Jingle Bell

2.75" Gold Jingle Bell

2.75" White Jingle Bell

Mini Seasons VOL. #5

DecoArt Paint Adhesion Medium

"Snow Buddies" Tea Light (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Bucket Of Snow" Candlestick (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Spring Bunny"  Tea Light (MS#5 Wood kit)

"Spring Chick" Candlestick  (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Summer Frog" Tea Light  (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Summer Garden Glove" Candlestick (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Americana" Tea Light  (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Americana" Candlestick (MS#5 Wood Kit)

"Scarecrow Harvest" Tea Light (MS#5 Wood Kit)

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