Copyright Information


*If you would like to teach one of my designs, an original pattern packet or book are required for each student.
*International classes, order in time to receive the patterns for your class as I do not send e-patterns to be used.
(I do give a deep discount to teachers on patterns, books, and stencils for classes).

*Designs cannot be taught as make and takes or mini classes at conventions.

*No part of my patterns or books may be reproduced, which include line drawings, instructions, or photos.
*Each class needs to be registered with me, either by email or by phone.
(803) 327-2950  EST

Copyright Information

There are some that disregard copyrights, or copyright information, maybe because they don’t understand that the work from those who design are owned exclusively by the artist and are not intended to be used in just any way that some may want to use them without permission. I hope that I can clearly explain how, and for what reasons, that my designs can be used, and in what ways they cannot.

I hope you will continue to have fun with my designs and that this will clarify some issues that may have confused many of you.

It would be VERY MUCH appreciated if you would report to me any infringements of my designs that you may find.

I can only continue with my designing career if I can be supported in an honest way…. :0)
My designs are intended, and permitted, for Personal use only… 
Please support the designer and each individual purchase a pattern.  Do not sketch from photographs of my work to avoid purchase on my work.  Let’s be honest.

All of my designs can be used for personal use in any way that you would like to use them, such as for painting, stitchery, or appliqué. They can be used to produce a painting or other craft to sell for craft shows, eBay, personal web-sites, craft malls, etc.
They cannot , however, be mass produced, used to produce products for wholesale purposes, catalog sales, or used in any type of business or commercial use.
This includes using any part of my design to reproduce an item for commercial re-sale, such as
“wood kits”, “graphics”, “scrapbook kits” ,
or any other reproduced item from the use of my designs.
Reproduction of any part of my designs is prohibited.
YES… please feel free to be creative with my designs and reduce or enlarge any of the line drawings to fit your personal use, such as to fit on different sized surfaces.
They however, cannot be reproduced or copied to pass along to friends, groups, paint classes etc….
By no means, can they be reproduced or republished to be sold as pattern packets on eBay, internet sites, Stores/Shops, or conventions.
Patterns purchased cannot be copied for personal use to use at a later date and the original sold or sold on internet sites.   This is a form of reproduction.
Scanning of line drawings, instructions, photographs
Any of my line drawings, patterns, or photographs cannot be scanned or photographed and used for PSP Tutorials, graphic use, advertising, logos, business cards, web-sites, etc.
Please feel free to contact me If you have any other questions…..
Thanks so much for your understanding
and respecting my copyrighted work!